Out today from Brooklyn based duo Fake Dad, their latest single ‘Fashion Girl’ is an 80s’ new wave-induced exploration of femininity.

Packed with electro fieriness, the song captures the persona of a privileged “it girl” caught up in personal drama. The strutting pace and flashing energy create the impression of being amongst the action at a fashion show while the punky attitude represents the integrated anger. Behind all the social media perfection, idealistic beauty, and need for attention are the insecurities, discomfort and gritty reality that society often likes to pretend doesn’t exist.

Lyrics include:

Put on my pretty face/ Pretend the pains all gone away

Don’t you care how much it hurts/ (mmmm, hurts hurts hurts) / When you’re a fashion girl


Hold your stare on my thighs/ Guess you’ll take me home tonight/ Just wanna be loved

which are released with shouts and playful whines.

Fake Dad is formed of Andrea de Varona and Josh Ford and their debut EP, Old Baby, was released in 2021. ‘Fashion Girl,’ follows the intimate ‘maybe next year’ and groove-lead ‘New Machines,’ two recently presented singles, and introduces another musical approach to the duo.

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