Bristol-based alt-rock two-piece Pollyanna Blue (Zoe Collins and Rich Earle) released their latest single, ‘Stray’ – the latest track from the duo’s upcoming EP, due out later this year. 

‘Stray’ is inspired by vocalist/lyricist Zoe Collins’ experience with a ‘situationship’ with someone who would come and go out of her life…much like a stray cat. ‘Stray’ is a lyrical story that showcases a feud between an owner and their stray cat. Zoe shares the following about this catchy alt-rock track:

“The owner is trying to fulfil their role of caring for their pet, but no matter how much love, affection and play time they would give to this cat, it would never want to hang around. The cat is adamant to make sure that the owner knows that they do what they want, and when they want, because they will always play by their own rules.”

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