Review by Gilan

Out now from up and coming London solo artist, The Kut is the latest single ‘On my Own’.

The song has that glorious nostalgic punk feel with a healthy dose of distorted guitars and tenacious vocals. The song even goes into classic punk half time at some point, so if you are expecting to listen to this song without having at least a little head bop – good luck!

The song is about needing some alone time to reflect and heal, a feeling I am sure we can all relate to! The song speaks of independence and boundary making.

The Kut has shown tremendous growth as a DIY musician, with this latest work blasting a fresh breath of liberation into the universe. The release the fifth single off the ‘Grit’ and is supported by The Arts council with a s shiny new video on the way, so watch this space!

Listening recommendation: put this song on and power march your problems away!

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