Music Venue Trust have been running gigs to keep regenerating our music scene and to try to protect our valued venues from the very real threat of closure. Julie Riley of Team LOUD WOMEN popped along to the Lexington to catch Nova Twins do one such show, which is a rare treat now that they are playing much bigger venues. 

The atmosphere was electric from the start. The scene was set for a great night and the Twins did not disappoint. Even the lights were amazing. At the outset Amy speaks of how good it is to be back at the Lexington and thanks the audience for getting them to where they are now. After the first song, Georgia (bass) shouts out to LOUD WOMEN and tells the crowd how LW gave them their first headline at the Lexington and how, along with organisations like Music Venue Trust, a strong community and a lot of hard work we can all make great things happen. And then they gave us one hell of a night. They even treated us to their first single, Bassline Bitch, a particular favourite of mine. The night was a fitting tribute to the grass roots DIY scene.

The performance was a strong, compelling, roaring battle cry of a set. These girls are warriors. If Boudica had had an army band it would have been the Nova Twins.