‘The Slow Lean’ is one of four tracks released by Guadalajara riot grrrl legend Teri Gender Bender (frontwoman of Le Butcherettes) on her new solo EP ‘State of Fear’.

This second part of her double-EP (‘Saturn Sex’ ‘State of Fear’) was released last month to great acclaim. With a gripping opening riff and an engaging lyrical narrative, ‘The Slow Lean’ manages to stand out from what is a stellar collection. The epitome of ‘cathartic feminism’, the track embraces female liberation in a gentle, but powerful, way.

“[It’s] about a woman being with a married man and is tired of waiting for him to make up his mind. She has no other choice but to give him an ultimatum.”

Teri Gender Bender

‘State of Fear’ is available to stream here.

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