Leeds-based noise-pop band wormboys released their latest single, ‘something pretty’ – a queer disco-punk anthem layered with fuzzy lo-fi and an unforgettable beat. 

‘something pretty’ shows the band taking risks and not holding back.  

“I think writing songs like this is about trying on an identity. It’s fun to lean into aspects of yourself that maybe you don’t let take the lead normally. Care-free, confident and maybe a little selfish or ruthless. That’s not me! But for the two and a half minutes when we’re performing this song, it is.”

Sop (vocalist/guitarist) 

The accompanying DIY lyric video (created by wormboys) is the perfect match to ‘something pretty’ complete with vintage film clips. 

“2022 has allowed us to begin touring beyond our usual turf in Northern England and it’s been life-affirming to headline shows around the country, consistently warmly received by crowds of queers and weirdos who are angry and upset about all the same shit as us.

The video touches on this. We’re celebrating queer community and culture and the sacred spaces we create together.”

Ruth (bassist) 

‘something pretty’ is the first look into wormboys’ forthcoming EP, smalltime (out 27 January 2023).

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