Oslo-based garage pop duo FLTY BRGR GRL returns with a new single/video, ‘Red Dress’.

‘Red Dress’ enters the 80s era for FLTY BRGR GRL with dark dance beats and synths. This latest release is a moody and sultry ballad about being stood up by a lover, but there’s still a glimmer of hope of something new on the horizon. 

“We actually wrote this song in Berlin in the winter. We thought about the feeling of desiring someone and almost being desperate for their attention, a relationship ending in disaster, of course. But ‘Red Dress’ is also a hopeful song, because it ends with the moment where you start noticing new people and getting back that fluttery feeling.”    


FLTY BRGR GRL is a dynamic music collaboration between friends Beatrix (vocals / bass) and Sarah (guitar / backing vocals).

The accompanying music video is inspired by a scene from the film 8 femmes by Francois Ozon. The duo collaborated with choreographer Hanna Benfaddoul. 

“The movie had so many plot twists that we just sat there with our jaws dropped. Of course we also love the 1950s aesthetics, but honestly we just really wanted to do a choreographed dance. The apartment had a statement on the wall: No One Is Illegal. We wanted to include this in the video. If you have the opportunity to shed light on an important topic, you should! We think everyone should be able to live freely.”


‘Red Dress’ is a look into FLTY BRGR GRL’s upcoming album, Happily Ever Never. Happily Ever Never is the follow up to their debut album released last year, Love You Forever. Love You Forever was one of the top releases from 2021, and we can’t wait for the followup album.