Yeah so this is LOUD WOMEN’s Cassie Fox here making her band Single of the Week on her own website, but this is DIY punk, sometimes things get a bit meta, buckle up …

I, Doris (that’s the band I’m in, Hi!) released today a frankly (if I say so myself, and I do) brilliant video to accompany new release ‘Does Your Girlfriend Know You’re Here?’ – imagineering the full story behind that ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ meme. Turns out that checking out another girl in the street was the very tip of that relationship iceberg: that rubbernecking boyfriend was sneaking around with a wide cast of other women and men too! And he had the cheek to gaslight her and tell her she’s imagining things … what a rotter.

The video takes DIY to the nth degree. I made it in Canva, using images grabbed from a free trial at an image library. It took far more time than I’ll admit to spending on it, but it cost precisely £0. I mean, it also looks very much like it cost £0. But it made you look and that’ll do, I reckon! (Spotify users might also notice there’s a Canvas video on there too – I made that in Canva too. I blimmin love Canva.)

I, Doris are a mummycore/kitchenpunk band/collective, and the members who recorded this song were Lucy Morgan on vocals and keytar, me on vocals and bass, Ciaran McNamee on guitar, and Louisa Edwards-Knight on drums. We recorded at OneCat studios with Jonathan Clayton, and he mixed and mastered it too.

‘Does Your Girlfriend Know You’re Here?’ is a song that’s been around for a while. I, Doris have been playing it live since our incarnation in 2017. With I, Doris I finally got to record this song as it was meant to be – a conversation between friends, and a cautionary tale!

The song is loosely based on a real story. Come to the LOUD WOMEN Christmas Party this Saturday and I’ll tell you an even looser version!