Content warning: body image / eating disorder

London rising Alt-Pop star bexx released ‘Prettier’ with a horror movie inspired video. ‘Prettier’ confronts body image, self-hatred, and objectification with a bloody fist.

“I wrote ‘Prettier’ from a place of deep sadness and deep anger. It is my furious rebuttal to everyone who has made me feel less than because of the way I look – and writing it was deeply cathartic. I want ‘Prettier’ to be an anthem for anyone who has had enough of feeling like they don’t measure up to society’s narrow standard of beauty.”

Don’t tell me I need to be prettier
Cause I’ve covered up my mirrors
And I’m sick of finding things to fix

Don’t tell me I need to be someone else
Cause I can never win and your opinion’s so fucking violent
So fucking violent

Diet culture isn’t the final girl in bexx’s 80s slasher inspired music video. 

Content warning: gore (blood)

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