Interview by Nadine Eccles

Having recently been crowned LOUD WOMEN’s Track of the Day and Video of the Day for the June 2022 release of their track ‘Beautiful Pyscho’, Queen Cult are set to take the stage at LOUD WOMEN FEST this September.
We had a chat with band member Maisie to get the low down on new material, their opinions on politics in music, who they’re most excited to see at LOUD WOMEN FEST and more. This is what they had to say...

Your music has seen great success on streaming platforms. Is there any particular song that crowds love when you perform? 

Thank you! That is a very good question. We have a cover we like to throw in at the end which tends to turn a lot of heads, but that’s a secret if you haven’t been to a Queen Cult gig!

Which song are you most looking forward to performing at LOUD WOMEN FEST?

We will be debuting our latest single “Better Believe It” (pre-save here) which is also released on 2nd September, the day we play the festival, so let’s see how that goes down!

Is there anyone else on the LOUD WOMEN FEST line-up that you’re listening to right now? Who are you most excited to see?

How could you do this to us! SO hard. Everyone is cool AF. We’ve played with a few already and have the upmost respect for all. Our friends Okay, Bye rock our worlds, as do The Menstrual Cramps. The NICEST people you will EVER meet. The passion is soaring through them!

You’ve been described as ‘politically charged with something to say on every track’. Do you think it’s important for music to make a statement, and for artists to use the platform they’ve been given? 

If you are being truthful and digging deep, every song will have something meaningful to say. Whether it’s politics, love, culture, religion, whatever. I struggle in my day to day to stay present (which is pretty ironic considering I often write very ‘in the moment’). I think music is a message, whether you intend it to be or not.

It’s no secret that you’re proud feminists, your track ‘A Song About Consent’ being one example of your willingness to shed some light on issues that many women face daily. What would you say to other women looking to pave their way in the industry?

To not give up based on someone else’s opinion of you. Stick to your guns and be proud. Know your worth babe xxxx

This year’s festival is partnering up with some amazing organizations such as Level Up, Safe Gigs for Women, Alliance 4 Choice, and Girls Against. Do you feel it’s important to have groups like these represented at events? 

Incredibly important. There’s not even a doubt. We need to work together otherwise it will not cut through. For too long we have been overlooked disproportionately. In order to see equality and change, we must create these spaces to begin with, to one day break the divide.

Most would agree that although there has been a shift in the right direction in terms of women in live music, we as a society and an industry have a long way to go. How do we as go about being that change?

I think women in music have lacked the funding and attention needed to find their success in the industry. Often, it’s down to artist profiles not being in the spotlight and therefore people not seeking it out. We are shut up in many industries, but I honestly do believe the shift will happen. A lot like football. I’m glad we are finally having our moment there. More women are creeping into the music industry, but truthfully, we’ve always been there. We’ve been there, but we’ve had to shout. Although that is a sad thing, I take pride in that and see it as a major strength; one that has been overlooked. We are loud. We are proud. So just listen.

Make sure to catch more from the pop-rock four piece when they take the stage at LOUD WOMEN FEST on 2nd of September 2022. The festival takes place at the Amersham Arms in SE London. Attendees can expect 2 days packed with raw talent, and tickets can be purchased here. Make sure to keep up with all things Queen Cult through the links below!

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