We are thrilled to bring you today the exclusive premiere of ‘Slow’ by Kat Koan & The Lost Souls – a Berlin alt-rock take on the classic Kylie Minogue banger.

“I love Kylie, the undisputed queen of sparkly hot pants. We wanted to take one of her songs and make it darker, grittier, more psychedelic sounding. So that’s what we did. The video is an Ode to Berlin and what this city is all about: a colourful dirty messy haven for free spirited people. It was shot by Patrick Tichy and features my awesome friends Megumi Eda and Tish William Wood, two insanely talented ballet dancers, who embody the sense of freedom and liberation I was keen to express. Living in Berlin has totally changed what’s important to me in life. It’s not about material possessions, but finding ways to actually LIVE. The work / life balance is a lot healthier here than in most other big cities. A big part of that is finding creative fulfilment and enjoying the process of making stuff, not being too hung up about some kind of commercial success, whatever that might mean in the first place.”

Kat Koan

Out today, the single is taken from the forthcoming debut album Coccon, due later this year to be released on Vinyl and Bandcamp only. 

“Music is precious. Making music encapsulates many strong emotions, heart, soul and craft; the process is all encompassing. Of course, it’s a joy and a real pleasure to make music and I don’t look at making our own album as a ‘job’ that I should get paid for but there is a value to it. We will be staying away from digital streaming platforms for this album and release it on vinyl only, via bandcamp. 8 vinyl sales are the financial equivalent of 50 000 streams on Spotify, which is mad when you think about it. The album is quite personal so we’d love to share our little Cocoon with a few people who want to be part of this adventure. We’re keen to have a closer relationship with those who dig what we do.”

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