Now this is how we like to start the week! Sweden’s Cherokee Death Cats‘ explosive new single ‘Shout It Out’ channels Le Tigre and Yeah Yeah Yeahs with a whole heap of originality. We need to hear this on a dancefloor – LOUD – very soon!

“Shout it out is musically like driving a rollercoaster over a cliff and then driving it back up the other side again. It’s an energy fuelled reaction. A shout out, a distorted scream against the toxicity and violence endemic in macho culture.”

Cherokee Death Cats are an Anglo/Swedish duo of Bea Persson and Rat Westlake are based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The pair mix garage, rock and dirty pop with live and electronic beats.

Although we’ve been quiet during the pandemic, our music certainly hasn’t!

The song “No No No” was featured on series 2 of Amazon Prime’s acclaimed show HANNA and our music has appeared on many Youtube channels and even on the trailer for legendary skater Tony Hawks’ masterclass video series.

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