Here’s a little summery round-up of some of our fave new music from around the world!

TheWorst: Monomania

TheWorst from Portland are dishing up some of TheBest (see what we did there) alt rock right now. Follow all their channels here.

Hanna Searl: My Fantasy

Hanna Searl is a singer/songwriter based in LA with a passion for pizza and 90s girl anthems. Find her on Instagram.

Bindy: No Trouble

New York post-punkers Bindy are our new favourite band today. ‘No Trouble’ was written the morning after the songwriter’s bandmate and boyfriend departed from London after their first international tour. It is a love song that deals with the fears of complications that come with dating inside the band. (The band came first.) Find them on Instagram.

Slow Fiction: International Cherry

Slow Fiction is a band from New York City. Influenced by the likes of poets like Anne Waldman, Ted Berrigan and the New York School era as well as the spirit of early 2000s garage rock bands such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Interpol, and The Walkmen. Find them on Instagram.

Hotspit: Wane Mouth

Hotspit is a DIY indie rock group from Richmond, Virginia. Find them on Spotify.

Dirty Blonde: Northern Twang

Debut single from Manchester alt rock duo Dirty Blonde. “Northern Twang is about the torment you put yourself through, wondering if someone has the same affection for you, as you do for them.” Find them on Instagram.

The Wife Guys of Reddit: Pig Fat

Glasgow ‘purveyors of soupy rock’ offer a song that poses two questions:

  1. What would happen if I decided to literally fight God?
  2. What would happen if God turned out to be a little bit sexy?

Seek them out on Instagram.

Minerva Daisy: Something Strange

Manchester singer-songwriter offers ‘Something Strange’, which wouldn’t sound out of place in a musical. “I wrote this single about an hour after I found out I was cheated on by an ex partner.” We feel the rage! Find her on Instagram.

Delia Meshlir: Dirty Colors

‘Dirty Colors’ is the third track taken from Switzerland’s Delia Meshlir’s album Calling The Unknown. Find her on Instagram.

Flowerbomb: sorry

Flowerbomb is fast rising on the Washington DC alt-indie-bubblegrunge music scene. Find them on Instagram.

Mudge the Dog: Too Familiar Stranger

Founded in the farms and ranches just beyond the coastal towns of central California, Mudge the Dog is a punky, alternative rock band comprised of songwriters Carrie Potts (guitar/vox) and Luke Rossi (drums/bass). Find them on YouTube.

Ha Vay: Drunk As The Gods

Ha Vay is a San Francisco-based artist romanticizing her life to cinematic proportions.  Find her on Instagram.

Dreamcoaster: Step Outside

Upbeat female fronted melodic indie rock from Brighton’s Dreamcoaster. Find them on Instagram.

Madeleine Clare: Sabotage

Sabotage is the first single from Melbourne’s Madeleine Clare’s debut solo album The Eleventh Hour.