It was a balmy Thursday evening and when I headed over to Signature Brew, Haggerston to see Vernon Jane who were over from Dublin to play their first ever show in London. The event was the next in a series called Remedy that is being run by John Kennedy of Radio X, friend to LOUD WOMEN. He had already tipped us off that we would probably like them, saying:

They’re pretty hard to describe – jazz, punk, folk, soul all in there. Their latest stuff has an almost Alanis, Pearl Jam, aspect to it.

I was intrigued.
He was right.
We like them.
They are exactly as he described and MORE.

Look them up on social media and the ‘about’ section will tell you: “Full of angst’. More information? “Jazz Punk”.

What you don’t find described is the riot of noise, energy, bounce, dynamism and sheer JOY that effuses from the band, led by Emily. She was wearing a pseudo American football-esque short jumpsuit and day glo socks. I found this very apt because the band have musical conversations with each other that are tossed back and forth (with energetic FORCE) in a way that also reminded me of American Football. Even if you didn’t like the music you would enjoy this band live because they are so much fun and put so much into their performance and with so much humility that you cannot help but have fun too and LOVE them.

And I have not even begun to describe the level of talent of each member. EXTREMELY HIGH doesn’t cover it. Changing moods, timings they alternate faultlessly between music genres mid song to create a sound that whilst being a mash up of styles becomes uniquely their own. Emily’s voice in particular is a major force. Loud, melodic, forceful, sweet, powerful, urgent and FLAWLESS. Yes they are hard to describe and they are easy to love. If you get a chance to see them live then go. If not then listen to them. Recorded they are equally joyous. Watch out for Vernon Jane because they are going to be BIG and you will want to say that you knew them first.

I have used a lot of capitals: hear them , see them and you will know why.

Check them out via the links below NOW.

Vernon Jane: Spotify / Bandcamp / Instagram/ Linktree