Luxembourg-raised / Amsterdam-based artist and activist C’est Karma (Karma Catena) released an electrifying new EP, Amuse-Bouche. Amuse-Bouche is a feast of songs that addresses topics such as climate change due to inaction, impact of capitalism, and wealth disparity. This EP also is introspective, touching on leaving home and your comfort zone into the unknown of young adulthood. 

Check out our 5 question interview with C’est Karma!
(WARNING: Flashing images)

1. Tell us the C’est Karma artist manifesto. 

Just do it! Dare to make mistakes and get out there. I know it sounds cliché but the best way to make art is to make it fearless!

2. What’s the BEST song on the new EP?

Probably the best song on this EP is ‘Bubblegum’. It combines everything I love about music. Pop, some rock and catchy melodies with some sharp noises inbetween.

3. What song do you wish you’d written?

I wish I had written ‘Jòga’ by Björk or ‘Happier than Ever’ by Billie Eilish especially the bridge! 

4.Pass the mic – who are your top 3 contemporary bands/artists?

Björk, Charli XCX, Little Simz 

5. Draw us a picture…

I’m notoriously bad at painting but here is a little butterfly I drew when I was bored at Uni the other day.

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