Nashville-based indie-pop artist Kate Cosentino released her latest EP, Note To Self. This fully crowd-funded EP dives into multiple topics within four tracks. Relatable topics such as fear of commitment, imposter syndrome, body image, and heartbreak. Note To Self is the mini soundtrack as you transition into the next part of your life. Anyone from teens going into college or young adults dealing with post-grad life. Note To Self is a coming of age tale where all the growing pains are exposed and Cosentino delivers wit and vulnerability within each track. 

“Our teens and twenties are a weird, amazing, terrible, awesome time. I think these songs hit on that experience in a raw way I hope my peers can relate to. I hope they help you heal or process what you’re going through in current relationships and situations, or those past.”

Kate Cosentino

The EP jump starts with the catchy pop track, ‘Emergency Contact’. ’Emergency Contact’ addresses fear of commitment with humor.

“Emergency Contact is THE non-committal millennial/Gen Z love song. For me, I wanted a song that could immediately make me and anyone who happens to see me perform laugh together. This song is my favorite to play live because it always gets people laughing, and if I can make someone’s night a little more fun — then I’ve won!”

Kate Cosentino

‘Imposter Syndrome’ goes a more soulful route while keeping it real about pretending. 

‘Did I’ is about body image and self-confidence issues. While the world moves on, one can feel the crushing pressure of unrealistic beauty standards. Those thoughts are amplified by isolating and avoiding friends.

Note To Self ends on a somber moment, ‘I Don’t Know Where It Went Wrong’. A blindsided breakup, Cosentino is left to figure out the what/why/where of the situation. The music video is a stark contrast when compared to Cosentino’s other bright and bold videos. A softer color palette surrounds her while moving through everyday moments and dwelling on breakup.

Note To Self confirms that Kate Cosentino is the ‘real deal’. 

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