We are excited to bring you today the exclusive premiere of the video for ‘Barbie (not yours)’, the new single from Hastings’ Hotwax!

We first tipped you off about this band about as Young LOUD WOMEN to watch in January 2021. Here we are a year plus later and, still barely aged 18, the trio are going from strength to strength and rising fast.

Their latest single, ‘Barbie (not yours)’ is a glorious riot of sound that beautifully exemplifies how well honed their musicianship is and how truthful their sound.

It is more of a protest song than other tracks to date with a warrior like chorus that splutters with guttural rage against the objectification of women and girls before coolly dropping back to its jaunty almost poppy verse.

“I am not your Barbie and I don’t wanna go to your stupid party”

The break climaxes with fuzzed-up guitar, swirling distortion and hypnotic bass, sliding into a final chorus which personifies rage so well it would make Hole or Mudhoney proud. The track then circles back to the jaunty, poppy riff to which Hotwax calmly saunter out of the door showing all the world that they are completely in control. They are having their own party and you are all going to want to be there.