Norwegian indie-rock quartet From Scratch released their latest single and video: ‘Sad Song To Line’. From Scratch learned to play instruments and broke into the Norwegian music scene with their own take on indie-rock.

‘Sad Song To Line’ is an existential track that analyzes morality and how one processes death.

“The song was written after an unexpected death of a young relative of one of us. The song is an attempt to express the circumstances surrounding such a death, then how it went and how those involved behaved in such a crisis situation. At the same time, it is also about the existential questions that arise when one encounters death in an acute way. How to move forward, and how does this reflect ones own mortality? The song is therefore both written for a person who we lost, but also a tribute to life and how it should never be taken for granted.”

From Scratch

The mixed media style music video features the band dressed like works of art. Directed by Kine Sofie Berntsen, the music video was created for a school project at the Oslo School of Photography and is now nominated at the Short Film Festival in Grimstad.

“For the music video for “Sad Song to Line”, I wanted to create a surreal universe, and the video contains fragments of both realism and the supernatural. I wanted to make a video that fits the lyrics of the song without anchoring it or being too literal, and in collaboration with songwriter Susanna Sørensen, we developed the idea for the video. Where the text is about the loss of someone in a close relationship so far too soon, the video is about a girl on earth who lives her “tragic” life and takes over her own destiny by going to heaven and destroying the games of the gods. The concept is clearly inspired by August Strindberg’s “A Dream Play” and is based on stereotypes about the unhappy and destructive person, but also abounds with humor. In the music video, I play with time perspective, and in this magical universe, everything is as likely as it is unlikely.”

Kine Sofie Berntsen

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