Connecticut’s own Jackie Lipson hits out at toxic positivity with her new single ‘Everything Sucks’.

Challenging the idea that pushing through negative emotions is the way to return to normal, ‘Everything Sucks’ feels like a balm after the past couple of years. Everything does suck! Aside from the general greatness of the song, having that straight-up said is beyond cathartic – a sort of soothing solidarity.

The dream-pop style of ‘Everything Sucks’ captures both the surreal quality of recent years, and the weightless feeling of not being able to care anymore about life’s suckage…far too familiar to all of us at this point! As Lipson says:

“Sometimes it feels like Everything Sucks, and lately it’s been overwhelming. We are surviving a Global Pandemic, the wake of a disastrous Presidency, a new war, Global Heating, grave racial injustice – and those are just the highlights! Everything Sucks is an invitation to scream into the void/let it all out.”

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