Body Type from Fremantle, Western Australia, provide our video of the day today: ‘The Charm’. With this release, the band is taking back control of their narrative in the music scene. 

Vocalist Sophie McComish shares the following about ‘The Charm’:

“This track is about how women are held to higher standards than men in the music biz. It’s harder for us to get away with being a bit shit or making mistakes. Some guy once told us the ‘charm’ was gonna wear off if we didn’t get better at our instruments, that we had to do our 10,000 hours before we were worthy of the hype. This is our response.”

The music video shows Body Type literally stuck in mud but still fighting through the situation nonetheless with their ‘charm’ and raw talent. 

Body Type’s debut album, Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising, is out 20 May. 

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