LA-based singer-songwriter-producer BEL collaborated with girlhouse for her latest single, ‘PBR’. 

BEL is a blend of indie, folk, pop, and a hint of country. Add in BEL’s standout storyteller style of songwriting and she transports you into each of her songs. ‘PBR’ captures the small town feel and makes it relatable to the listener. 

“I was staying with a friend in Nashville and wanted to check out some popular spots around town. There was this dive bar that everyone kept saying I needed to visit. I was feeling  jet-lagged and anti-social but still went with my friend, and that’s when I got the idea for ‘PBR’. 

We went outside with some people smoking cigarettes and I spilled my beer everywhere when I sat down so I had to go wait in line alone again to go get a new one. I wrote the lyrics “cigarettes and ‘PBR’ at a gentrified dive bar” on my phone while in line. Later that week, I brought them up in a session with Tyler Thompson and we ran with it.”


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