A snapshot of current youth — debut album from Brooklyn singer songwriter Anna Shoemaker, ‘Everything is Fine (I’m Only on Fire)’, out this month.

Anna Shoemaker’s first LP is a beautifully honest piece of alternative rock. In her record Anna tackles young adulthood, mental health, love and loss. ‘Everything is Fine (I’m Only on Fire)’ has a romantic, youthful atmosphere.

Anna moves across multiple genres in this record. ‘Sorry All The Time’ is an indie track with fantastic raspy vocals. Only two tracks later, ‘Scared of Your Ex (Brooklyn Cowboy)’ surprises us with clever use of autotune and funky dance soundscape.

‘Everything is Fine (I’m Only on Fire)’ is full of great hooks and atmosphere changes. Anna moves smoothly from dark and moody to uplifting melodies. It’s clear what vibe she wanted to achieve.

Anna said this about her process:

Everything Is Fine (I’m Only on Fire) is made up of bits and pieces of my diary over the past two weird yearsIt’s about a fascination with self destruction but also redemption. It’s about forgiving yourself when you have every reason to hate yourself. It’s about falling in love when you have every reason not to trust. This album is a destruction fantasy. It’s about burning down expectations until the only thing left is you.”

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