Today’s video of the day comes from Toronto indie-rocker Deanna Petcoff: ‘If You Were Me’, a heartbreaking ballad based on a true story. 

Petcoff’s confessional writing style shines through on this track. The musical arrangement is beautiful with the contrast of the guitar against the piano. 

It’s the latest single from Petcoff’s upcoming debut album To Hell With You, I Love You (out 8 April 2022 via Royal Mountain Records).

“This is the oldest song on the record. I started writing this in high school about my partner at the time who was emotionally abusive. I wasn’t able to finish the song once I started it because I didn’t feel safe saying all of these things when I knew he would hear them. My good friend and collaborator Callum Maudsley helped me navigate those waters and come to a message that was clear and relatable to lots of other people; if I were you I would treat me better.”

Deanna Petcoff

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