Review by Phoebe Lunny of Lambrini Girls

In October 2020, Norfolk based punks Glitchers hit the streets. With a drum kit, guitar and a megaphone stuck to a mic stand, they began to blast riffs in the face of unsuspecting high street goers in protest to the government shutdown of the arts sector. With an unapologetic blend of political punk and metalcore, Glitchers have established themselves as DIY legends by crowd surfing into your local Costa, opening the pit outside TK Maxx and even throwing a gig opposite Downing Street. The bad news is, you may have missed your chance to see them play outside a bus stop with your Nan but the good news is that they have just released ‘Your Mother Taught You Better Than That’, featuring Calva Louise

This is no breakthrough track from a band trying to get their foot in the door, Glitchers intend to kick the door off its hinges and burn the house to the ground.`Your Mother Taught You Better Than That’ is a direct response to the toxic culture perpetuating harassment within the music scene. The track feels like the lovechild of Every Time I Die and Mannequin Pussy with high-gain, raw vocals work harmoniously with the thunderous backing from the drums and guitar, combining all elements to create a refined message combusting with unbridled rage. With a feature from Calva Louise, cushioning Glitchers with a softer groove and spoken vocals, you’re dropped back into a blazing inferno as soon as Lead singer, Jake, gets their hands back on the mic. Your Mother Taught You Better Than That is an explosive three-minute rollercoaster that piledrives your eardrums without compromise. As they unapologetically pave their own movement, Glitchers are showcasing themselves as a band who will not stop screaming until we stop missing the point. 

Your Mother Taught You Better Than That is out now on all major streaming platforms with all profits donated to domestic abuse charity, The Sue Lambert Trust.