Shelf Lives‘ new single ‘Shock Horror’ is about to burrow its way into the crevice in your head you only just managed to clear Wet Leg‘s ‘Chaise Longue’ from. Sorry not sorry, this is our Earworm of the Week.

The duo are originally from Toronto and Northampton, now residing in South [and best, IMHO] London, where they make gritty post-punk-poppy-garage-rock inspired by Le Tigre and Peaches.

Singer Sabrina tells us: 

“Shock Horror is an homage to our worst nightmare of a human. An amalgamation of specific traits that are so transparent yet irresistible, in a way. Everyone has met one or has even been one at some point in their lives. The catch is that this type of person is annoyingly frustrating in that you can’t help yourself but feel a little bit sorry for them. They’re lost, probably lonely, and super cliché which makes them harmless and so easy to dislike.”

The pair’s debut mini-album Yes, offence comes out out 28 April via Not Sorry Mom Records.

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