Review by Phoebe Lunny of Lambrini Girls

Bitch shares single and video ‘You’re The Man’, taken from newly-released album ‘Bitchcraft’ 

Via a hybrid of anthemic pop with 80’s new wave twists, legendary queer icon Karen Mould, known as ‘Bitch’ is redacting classic notions from the patriarchal mindset with their signature tongue in cheek fashion. A heavy cocktail of bold, harmonically rich synths supercharged by drum machines that cut like a knife, mixed with a lyrical ‘go fuck yourself’ attitude that couldn’t be ignored if you tried. What can we say? The Bitch is most definitely back with their new single ‘You’re The Man’.

‘You’re The Man’, accompanied by a video, launches her new album Bitchcraft, out now via Kill Rock Stars. The album is a cleverly curated commentary on the fractures within politics, capitalism and equality. It’s a force of nature that will make you think, dance and cry all at the same time. 

‘Letting go of all the bruises and making it a part of what makes you strong’ is how Bitch describes the essence of ‘You’re The Man’ and the music video is a clear visualiser of their philosophy. Think witchy, poetic dance party, fever dream togetherness. The video exudes empowerment, hinting that it’s time for you to let go of what might be holding you back.

With such simple delivery, ‘you’re the man you’re the man you’re the man, well, I’m the woman‘ – she flawlessly turns the tables on a gender-specific idiom by responding with its female counterpart. Highlighting the stupidity of a phrase that champions cis males purely by stating the obvious – ‘well, I’m the woman’ leaving nothing to be entertained and the point is abundantly clear. Yes, we know you are ‘the man’ and so what? I am the woman, and I’m better. On your bike mate.