Out now from our new favourite alt pop artist from Stoke, Onyda (aka Shae Rhiannon): ‘Like a Dog’. Lush harmonies on a laidback indierock rhythm – this would sit beautifully with Penfriend.

“Fake it til you make it – that’s what ‘Like A Dog’ is about. It’s about knowing your strength even when you feel like you have nothing left and you might not even believe it anymore. The first line of the chorus ‘It’s the year of the dog’ is a tribute to Al Stewart’s ‘Year of the Cat’, which I love and listened to at the time I wrote this track.”

Onyda’s stated influences are “from the beats of Tyler the Creator to the songs of Peggy Lee and Tame Impala with visuals of Boogie Nights; The Good, The Bad and the Ugly and This Is England”. Looking forward to hearing their new EP, which is apparently on the way.

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