K.ZIA released a music video for ‘I Got Your Back’.  Each frame for ‘I Got Your Back’ is beautiful like moving artwork. This track creates a space of support and trust.

K.ZIA’s debut album, Genesis, will be out on 11 February 2022. K.ZIA’s sound is a dynamic blend of Alt-R&B, soul, pop, and afrobeats.

K.ZIA shared the following about ‘I Got Your Back’:

“‘I Got Your Back’ is a song close to my heart. Dedicated to one of my closest and longest friends, It’s a song of comfort for the ones among us who suffer from depression. Life can feel so lonely at times, depression is a subject we don’t often talk about but touches so many. It’s ok to need some time off, it’s okay to feel a certain type of way. The last 2 years have been heavy on a lot of us and this song is a warm hug from a distance to make sure you know that whatever happens, I got you.”

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