T-Bitch just dropped an almighty LGBTQ+ anthem ‘Coming Out’ – and it’s our single of the week! Punk, pride and solidarity are just what we need right now.

Stevie B tells us:

“T-Bitch are a band made up of women and men, queers, people with disabilities, young and old. We are standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity, shouting for equality and safety within our communities.”

Complete with a gorgeous lyric video (by Sophie Burrows), the release today heralds new of a full album launching 18 November – March of the Othering. Catch them live and pick up an album at our new LOUD WOMEN show – 21 November at the Lexington – tickets here.

“It’s about celebrating our differences and looking after marginalised groups, who seem to be under constant attack in the media and in everyday life. The world may seem like it is becoming a safer and fairer place, but we still have a long way to go.”