GIRLI (Milly Toomey) has claimed video of the day again with her latest single, ‘Ruthless’. Filmed in a junkyard with styling inspired by Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette mixed with Vivienne Westwood’s punk, this video is the perfect showcase for ‘Ruthless’. 

GIRLI shared the following about ‘Ruthless’:

“Ruthless is about losing naivety and childish excitement and having to face the cold hard truth of the world – learning about deception, fake friendships, having to grow a thick skin and lose the happy go lucky girl you were to rise to the top; having to become ruthless. It’s especially something that so many women face in the creative industries, as they get trodden on by money-hungry people who don’t give a shit and only want to exploit them – a lot of the time men or women brainwashed into hating on other women by the patriarchal structures of our society.”

[Warning: Flashing lights]

GIRLI’s new EP, Damsel In Distress, will be out October 22nd. 

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