Manchester’s Witch Fever released a chaotic music video for their latest single, ‘In Birth’. 

The lyrics for ‘In Birth’ are semi-autobiographical for Witch Fever’s singer, Amy . This track (and powerful video) is a response to being born in a Charismatic Christian church and dealing with the predatory behaviors and the patriarchal structures that surround everything. Amy’s unnerving stare backed with heavy instrumentals brings ‘In Birth’ to life.

Amy shares the following about ‘In Birth’:

“‘In Birth’ has been kicking around for a little while now, so it’s nice to finally exorcise it into the world. Whilst the theme of a lot of our songs is reclamation, empowerment and catharsis, it’s definitely far more vulnerable. It felt right to juxtapose this with big chuggy riffs and noisy, cymbal heavy drums. The power that Alisha, Alex and Annabelle create on this track accompanies the anger in my lyrics perfectly.

We created and directed the video with Sam O’Leary and it’s a tongue in cheek way of presenting the narrative. We wanted something camp and fun, but still powerful and angry. Plus, everything’s better with a bucket of fake blood!”

Witch Fever’s debut EP, Reincarnate, is out October 29th (digitally via Sony’s Music For Nations). 

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