Our track of the day comes from She Drew the Gun, aka Merseyside’s Louisa Roach. ‘Behave Myself’ is an empower-pop-punk affirmation of defiance in the face of commodified feminism. The capitalist patriarchy, rubbing pink glitter on our wounds and selling our struggle back to us? This is the soundtrack to us collectively saying Fuck that shit.

Driving bass, disco beats and Roach’s deadpan spoken word delivery that feels part sermon, part affirmation, part threat. There’s an epic, cinematic – rather than dramatic – quality to the song which, to my mind anyway, sees her rolling up her sleeves, baring her teeth, and looking straight down the lens to deliver the lines:

I am the rage of all women condensed to the point of explosion

I am the silence of violation finally broken

I am the joke behind the eloquent feminist slogan

And I will not behave myself

She fucking means it. And I fucking love it.

Roach describes the song herself, of course, far more eloquently:

“Punk flavoured pop for people who don’t want to behave themselves. It’s about the unstoppable forces that are made out of centuries of oppression. I see the cage and I will not accept anything less than freedom.”

The single comes with an October UK tour announcement – grab those hot tickets right here – AND an album announcement, for which Behave Myself will be the title track. Pre-order that good stuff here.

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