Out now from LA indie-surf-popper Aunt Patsy: ‘Daydreams’ is the pastel soundtrack to your summer crush.

In an attempt to lead the puppy love parade, I harked to artists like Angel Olsen during her initial writing process for this track. However, in the studio, “Daydreams” began to take a more dreamy surf-pop feel.

“Daydreams” was inspired by a long-distance crush I formed in quarantine. After several months of texting long distance with a boy from my hometown, I developed feelings and my lust turned the situation into more than it actually was.

Peak quarantine, I traveled from LA to NJ so I could lockdown at my parent’s house and save a little coin. When finally home, I was of course excited to connect with my crush. But after several failed attempts, it was clear he wasn’t interested & the pit in my stomach began to take shape: this “romance” was all an illusion and this guy most likely hit up my phone solely for attention and occasional serotonin spike I could provide on a lonely drunken night. There was one occasion we saw each other during the months I was home, and the awkward tension was palpable every time he struggled to look me in the eye.

So in processing it all, I sat in my childhood bedroom and actively spiraled. This experience sparked questions such as, “How could I be such a moron?” “Is he dating someone else?” (spoiler alert– I think he was), “Did he only reach out when he was drunk and bored?” “Did I completely fabricate his interest in me?” “Am I a really ugly barnacle only a mother could love?”(still TBD).

My coping mechanism was to sulk in my slate-gray room and put the physical pain to song. I wanted to create lyrics that captured honest, unrequited love and immature vulnerability; a puppy love parade led by a sorry, self-aware clown. This song puts both participants to blame, as I knew deep down I let my imagination get carried away and this boy really didn’t owe me anything.

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