Review by Manon Corbin

Some unnecessary things can be precisely those which make your day lighter and brighter.

Listening to the so-called Unnecessary Creation of Manchester 3-piece The Early Mornings is the kind of refreshing yet slightly disturbing pleasure, that can positively shift your mood.

The debut EP is a perfect mixture of romantic pop and melancholic post-punk, or vice versa.

It begins with ‘Legal Length’, an efficient instrumental that makes you rhythmically bang your head as a warm up to dance to the titillating guitar of ‘Days Spent’ that comes just after. ‘Departure from Habit’ brings you pleasantly back to the adolescent state of paradox, when you could be both apathetic and full of energy.  ‘Not Content’ and ‘Tell Me It Works’ rock more joyfully, leading to an exciting ending with ‘Blank Sky’.

The guitarist and singer, the aptly-named Annie Leader, is both strong and sensitive; offering the EP a personal voice and bold delivery that give you thrills without frills. She is accompanied by bassist Danny Shannon and drummer Rhys Davies.

Unnecessary Creation combines the spontaneity of a one-day recording EP and the mastery of a cohesive band, that tunes perfectly to human feelings of ambivalence.

With an apparent simplicity, The Early Mornings choose relevant, surrealist, poetry-based lyrics to turn complex feelings into an accessible experience that uplifts emotions.

Unnecessary Creation by The Early Mornings, FFO Sonic Youth, The Pixies, The Breeders, Vampire Weekend, Jen Cloher, Courtney Barnett and Parquet Courts.