We are delighted to bring you today the premiere of Nun Habit’s sparkling fresh new single, ‘Marigolds*’!

*For the benefit of our non-UK readers, marigolds are brand of rubber gloves used for washing dishes.

An instantly mesmerising psych-pop hip-swinger, with lyrics dripping in sarcastic sass (sasscasm? Sure, why not!). Singer Greg gives “an imagined takedown of those that mock the Eczema-afflicted” with a louche delivery bringing Caravan, XTC and, yeah, even Jarvis Cocker to mind.

The song was inspired by the disparaging comments which singer Greg (who has eczema) would occasionally attract for wearing rubber gloves for doing the washing up—one of the less serious but nonetheless annoying symptoms of a toxic-masculine culture.

The water in this song is not a metaphor
When I start to pull the plug it really does start to
Pour down the plughole
Like I hope your
Dreams and hopes pour

As with most Nun Habit songs, the track was written collaboratively: from this initial idea the band worked together to craft the sound and structure. The two guitar lines (played by Greg and fellow guitarist Selina) play off each other, both driving the song forward and providing texture which is anchored by the disco-inflected drums (Emma) and bass (Kate). Rachel’s keyboard line weaves through the rest, adding depth and atmosphere.

First released as a demo in 2019, the song has evolved over time—developed through extensive live performances (the band have played everywhere from the Edinburgh Fringe to (LOUD WOMEN at) The Albert Hall via Salford’s Sounds from the Other City festival) and with some final polish added by Ric James’ (Foals, Yassassin) production wizardry. A video for the song, filmed in self-iso with some card backgrounds and a whole load of rubber gloves, will be released on 14th June.

The B-Side is a remix by Bristol-based DJ and producer Josh Albiston. Stripping away the vocals and bringing the
driving bassline to the fore, Albiston’s new edit is a moody, house-influenced track running to almost twice the
length of the original.

Photo by Armadillo Media.