We have LOUD WOMEN gigs coming up at venues around London – get in touch if you’d like to come and play!

Our events are inclusive to all, with a focus on female and non-binary powered bands and soloists.

DIY acts to the front – no booking agents please. We prefer also to deal with artists direct, rather than managers or other non-musician third parties.

Artists playing our gigs are paid on share of the tickets/door basis. As LOUD WOMEN is a not-for-profit organisation which takes no cut of the money, and we work hard to promote our events and build a loyal community who keep our gigs well-attended, our gigs generally pay much higher rates than other comparable London promoters.

Genres preferred include punk, indiepop, garage … but actually if you’re really great we want to hear from you whatever your genre.

LOUD WOMEN is run by musicians, for musicians. We encourage bands playing our events to get involved in the promotion, to help raise their fellow musicians’ profiles as well as their own. Our team works on the ideal of being “scene not scenery” and we love it when everyone works together to help raise each other up, and amplify each other’s voices!