Out now from Cheska Moore: ‘Skin’. 

As a child, Cheska became fascinated with the character The Joker from the Dark Knight trilogy and became curious about the relationship between him and Harley Quinn. Cheska decided to create Skin to represent Harley Quinn’s perspective about the erratic and irrevocable love the two characters have for each other. The track wholly outlines the ill-fated tragedy of falling in love with someone who has two sides to them, bringing to light that there may not be room for two in the relationship, which is perfectly illustrated by the lyrics ‘you can’t handle yourself; there’s no room for somebody else’. Such love is clearly toxic and unhealthy yet seemingly cannot be helped, felt in the line that introduces the chorus: ‘I can’t help you’re under my skin’. It elucidates the unfortunate truth that many have had to accept: that they are in a relationship with someone that has too many issues and is battling too many of their own demons to be in a healthy relationship. 

Although the inspiration for this song was based on fiction, Cheska sees parallels of unfavourable traits in the relationships around her, seeing people lose themselves trying to love someone who lets their darker side overwhelm and control them.

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