Melbs bb (AKA Erica Lilly) is a Melbourne born singer-songwriter and producer, who self describes this track as bedroom, lo-fi, which is pretty descriptive of how she recorded it (at home, in her bedroom). ‘Witches’ however takes us beyond the bedroom to swirling choruses, a resonating sub-base and a relatable poppy vocal that oozes support with a promise to save you.

As she explains:

I had the idea that if a child witnessed someone experience depression and only had Disney movies and fairytales as a frame of reference, they would probably think the logical conclusion was that the person has obviously been hexed or cursed by some evil witches. At its core, ‘Witches’ is about seeing a loved one struggle with their mental health and asserting that you see their struggle and would do anything to help them.

We all need saving sometimes which is why this is our track of the day.

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