Words and photo by Keira Anee

Release Me is about shaking off those feels you have for someone you bashed into with your shopping trolley in ADSA, whilst ironically scrolling Tinder,” I’m told.

Last year, LORI started a solo project to work outside of her band, Weekend Recovery. The first single released, HARLEQUIN, was dark, twitchy and bassy. And brilliant. 

The new single RELEASE ME is dancy and cheerful, two and a half minutes of a taste of a club in Brighton; armed with a drink with ice in it. You first realise the range of Lori’s voice, the chorus in particular is sung high (in contradiction to Harlequin) and reminds me of the cute singing guinea pig videos. If the guinea pigs were owned by Fleabag. (Which sounds like a very suspicious compliment, I admit, but you will be dancing before you disagree). A very different song to the previous release, but still heavy in synths and harmonies. 

The first LORI live dates are this September, with great Loud Women support, I should add. The first time we heard ‘Release Me’ was during LORI’s live streams over lockdown. Livestreams slash zoom parties, through which, I also discovered Greebo (I’ve not looked back). Live streams that amongst other things revealed new tattoo’s (LORI is also a tattoo artist), new safe and gender balanced festivals (LORI’s festival, GHOST ROAD, is in Leeds and London this November), dance moves (oh! Btw! LORI is also a qualified dancer and instructor) and artwork (….also done by LORI) and new photos (ha! that was me) and a fabulously enjoyed Cher cover (definitely LORI). The range is not just in the vocals!