We are delighted to bring you today the premiere of ‘A Thousand Prison Nights’ by Bristol duo Hangover Square – a song and video telling the story of the Suffragettes, through to current feminist movements. The band’s singer and songwriter Victoria Bourne tells us:

I got really angry at the start of the first lockdown reading so much negative press towards women and the horrific trolling from generally white older males myself and friends had experienced. Also the lack of scientific research into women’s health. It made me want to write a song about it. The aim was we were all so isolated this year and I thought the video would be a lovely way to bring together women I know who have been involved in politics or inspired people, or supported people to be there for each other.

All the women involved in the video have a different story, have different experiences and encounters. They include one of the founders of the Greenham Common movement, women who have been in-prisoned because of protesting, school teachers who provide extra curricular support to students, musicians who have been trolled online, women involved in the feminist movement supporting vulnerable women in refuges, the woman to set up the first intensive care unit in the UK then finishing her career working with women who’d experience domestic violence.

The release is taken from forthcoming album Painting With An Open Heart.