Our video of the day today comes from Brooklyn’s Kira Metcalf: ‘Hoax’ – the sasstastic themetune you need for going about the business of exposing snakes and fakes. The single is out today. Kira tells us:

“I wrote ‘Hoax’ about 8 years ago after a pretty terrible breakup. I wanted to channel all that pain and anger into something fun and empowering. ‘Hoax’ is really about finding your power after someone or something continuously and methodically tries to put you down.” 

Regarding the video, Kira said:

“We wanted to create something that would really let the song speak for itself. Each “character” embodies a different attitude that covers the spectrum of emotions I feel when performing it. She’s cheeky, bold, unapologetically in your face, and ready to strike back.”

and on Hoax’s relevance in our current political climate: 

“I wrote Hoax in a moment of feeling really angry and powerless, and I think that’s how a lot of us feel when faced with the violent nature of capitalism, racism, misogyny, or any oppressive system.  We’re supposed to pretend that the harm being done is normal – or worse, isn’t real. We’re constantly seeing people in positions of power perpetuating really harmful behavior, often without consequence.  With Hoax, it was liberating to give myself a way to confront all that toxicity and gaslighting. Many of us come forward about abuse in part for our own healing but also to prevent others from being hurt, and I think there’s so much love and strength in that. When we value ourselves and others we prioritize justice. Hoax is both a warning and a call to action, and I hope listening to it allows you to let out all that anger and pain and come out feeling strong and supported. And if it leaves some quaking in their boots, so be it.” 

Along with the single and video, there’s a gorgeous line of merch (check out the pins!) over on her Bandcamp.

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