Today’s track of the day comes from LOUD WOMEN Fest alumnus Grace Savage. Today she drops ‘Temper Temper’ – a gorgeous electropop depiction of an argument between two lovers having a row in a small flat during lockdown. All the tension, all the hooks, all the feels.

“Temper Temper is a stark contrast to my last single which was a romantic, uplifting song about how I proposed to my fiancé…but we all know relationships are hard work and it’s not flowers & sunshine all the time! (God. I sound like my Mum) I wrote the lyrics for this in the first lockdown, during a heatwave, after we’d had an argument. We were living in a small flat, spending 24 hours together, we were hot, cranky & drinking too much. It’s been a strange, revealing, stressful, beautifully messy & wonderfully complex time. Sometimes it’s passionate and great, sometimes it’s mundane and sometimes it’s explosive. Whatever your circumstance, whether you’ve spent it with your parents, flatmate, best mate, stranger, a new relationship or a long term one…it can be overwhelming so I hope people can relate.”

The song was inspired by a short film ‘Her & Her’ Savage and her partner Jade Anouka made for the BBC during lockdown (which has made it into 20 film festivals and won an award for Best Sound and Music!).

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