Today’s track of the day comes from punkrock grrrl Jess Rosa: ‘Refrained’ tells the story of moving from Hawaii to New York with nothing but a broken heart. The single is out today.

“I wrote ‘Refrained’ about moving to New York from Oahu and still having left over feelings for someone back home. When I first moved to the city in October I was so excited to be in a new environment and meet new people. I’m a hopeless romantic and romanticize being in a relationship all the time. I met people here in the city that I could have been potentially in a relationship with but it ended up just not working out. When it didn’t work out my mind went back to thinking about the person from back home and how I was refrained from truly letting myself move on. I was in a sense numb to the current situations not working out because my heart was somewhere else. I than had a mindset switch and told myself that I don’t need another person to help me get over my feelings. I don’t want to be anyones new ‘bitch’ or ‘girlfriend’. I just want live presently here.”