Our track of the day is out today from Brisbane/Newcastle’s Loiter: ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’ – a track that explores the uncertainties of modern dating, infused with a healthy dose of self-assurance. Lead vocalist and guitarist Amber Hudson tell us:

“I wrote the lyrics when I was dating someone that didn’t want to commit, but wouldn’t let me go. At the time I was trying to play it cool, even though there were so many red flags and I had questions.”

“The song is about the uncertainty of modern dating, which I think everyone can relate to on some level. The lyrics are about not knowing where you stand with someone and being too afraid of having hard conversations until you’ve had some liquid courage. It’s also about how dating a narcissist can make you question your reality to the point where you find yourself apologising all the time. I wanted to keep the song fun and playful, because I don’t believe in holding on to anger and the experience helped me write something I’m really proud of.”

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