Out today for International Women’s Day, a brilliant collaboration between some of the best rock singers in Sweden right now (who happen to be female): Ebba Bergkvist & The Flat Tire Band, Lisa Lystam, Ida BangAnna SkogöElin ÖbergIda S. Vollmer, and Alva Fährlin.

“It’s about being a girl who plays rock. It’s about ignoring the fact that there are naked girls on the cover on your favorite albums, it’s about trying to appreciate ZZ Top live despite the video screens on stage that shows young girls in bikini, it’s about the comment ”you could actually play” that you receive after a live show, it’s about having Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana explained to you by your guitar teacher even though you brought them up first, it’s about starting to play guitar and desperately trying to find female role models, it’s about the fact that sex sells and wondering if you should wear less clothes on stage, it’s about loving rock and reinventing rock, it’s about being brave enough to be ugly, to sing ugly, to dare to trust that the audience judges your music and not your body shape and finally, it’s about giving young girls who just got their first guitar a role model.”

We hear all of this so hard, and we love this song so hard. How better to celebrate IWD than with sisterly collaboration, and a suckerpunch to the patriarchal gatekeepers of rock. We asked Ebba Bergkvist to tell us more.

“Patience” is about joining a world where you’re constantly being reminded of the fact that you don’t belong. And I decided to ask some other female rock singers to join the track because I think that if I heard this song when I was younger, I would’ve felt more confident about playing and listening rock. We need more representation of women in this business and here’s seven unique females in just one track!

Ebba Bergkvist

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