Review by Tony Rounce

LOUD WOMEN and Bristol’s premier power punks IDestroy go back a long old way.

An earlier incarnation of the trio:

  1. played one of LW’s earliest shows, headlining at the Hope and Anchor back in August 2016,
  2. was interviewed on this very site later that same year, and
  3. appeared on the very first LOUD WOMEN compilation album in early 2017. 
Bec and her baby! (photo pinched from the band’s social media)

Since then singer/guitarist Bec Jevons and drummer Jenn Hills have recruited bass player Nic Wilton-Baker as a replacement for an outgoing Becky Baldwin (now of Hands Off Gretel), and steadily honed their craft by touring the UK and the world and releasing the occasional outburst of new music on EP.

Like all of us, they and their livelihood have been affected by the fallout from Covid19, but they have put their lockdown time to good use and have just delivered a debut album that upholds every promise of their dynamic live shows and earlier recordings.

Said album “We Are Girls” delivers big time – a huge half hour slab of audio excellence propelled by the trio’s total tight musical synchronicity and topped by Bec’s confident vocals. Her voice is like her songs, of which there are ten exceptional ones here and no bad ones – brittle and acute and full of passion, whether she’s delivering a put down to an unknown unfortunate in ‘Lemons’ (“You’ve Got A Face Like You’ve Been Licking Battery Acid”), chewing out some unpleasantly pervy ‘Handy Andy’ in the album’s debut single ‘ Petting Zoo’ (“It’s Not Alright To Be A Fucking Creep”) or pulling no punches in an acerbic trashing of an anonymous, vainglorious former friend in ‘G.O.D.’ (“I Don’t Like You, I Fucking Despise You”).  The lyrical messages throughout the album are never fudged, and always accompanied by the kind of mighty slab of sound that would have made Motorhead nervous in their prime.  It’s not easy listening, but then, the best music seldom is. 

Their press release describes Bec’s songs and the album in general as “rife with swearing and sarcasm, and steeped in camaraderie and attitude”. Believe me when I tell you that they and it are all that, and more…

The album’s title track, which you can hear in the video below, is a proud proclamation of supercharged grrrl power that again gets is message over as bluntly as you would expect. “Why Be Surprised That We Do What We Do Well, Don’t Expect That From Girls In A Band?” asks Bec pointedly.  Well, I’m not surprised, and yes I do expect ‘that’ from this band – and the level of quality throughout the album vindicates my expectations.

Although it stays very firmly within the realms of ‘our kind of music’, “We Are Girls’ also has its eye on a bigger audience with its higher fidelity sound and eye-catchingly attractive packaging. (Indeed it might be quite the loveliest looking colour vinyl album I have ever owned…).  Inside that packaging are ten songs that can easily subvert and win over any audience that currently gets its jollies from a range of artists who are not really fit to carry Nic’s bass amp. Radio 1 has already shown support, as have Radios X and 6 Music – others will follow suit for sure.

Once we can all go out and have fun again, the bigger stage may be beckoning for IDestroy and sooner rather than later. Beside the interest from national radio, the album has also been feted favourably in the pages of the Sunday Times and the Glasgow Guardian, which already puts the trio a few rungs further up the ladder of success than many of their peers currently are. But no matter how many more big doors “We Are Girls” opens for IDestroy, they will always be LOUD WOMEN at heart and they will always be ours to cherish and applaud.  It’s a really fine album that they can be extremely proud of, and one that we can play VERY LOUD and annoy our neighbours with until we can go out and hear it live…

“We Are Girls” is released today, and is available via CD Baby and bigcartel.

IDestroy will be playing a livestream of the album (and maybe more) from the Louisiana in Bristol at 2000 the same night.  Please like and follow them on Facebook or any of the other popular social media sites for future updates.