IDestroy: L-R Jenn Haneef, Bec Jevons and Becky Baldwin. Tim interviewed Bec via email.

Could you give us an overview of IDestroy? Had you been in other bands before? 
We met whilst studying in Bristol and formed the band about a year and a half ago. Since then we have been playing shows all over the UK and into Spain. We’ve all been playing in various other bands since we were in school. I currently also play with The Blue Aeroplanes and Becky plays with Triaxis and Dorja. We’re the kind of people who love playing and collaborating with new people.

How did you decide on the name? 
One of the first songs I wrote to be played in the band was a track called I Destroy. We were really excited about this song and we felt it summed up the direction of the band, so we decided to make it one word and name the band after it.

Did you have a clear idea od the sound you were aiming for from the start?
Yes, I had a pretty good idea when we were forming the band what I wanted it to sound like. It has come together in a really natural way, particularly our live show.

You release the 4-track EP ‘Vanity Loves Me’ earlier this year. What’s it about?
The subject matter ranges from feeling the need to destroy everything, to enjoying getting drunk with your friends … so I think there are a lot of relatable themes in the lyrics! The theme of the whole EP is an observation of human feelings and behaviours.

How do you write songs?
I usually start with getting some lyric ideas down and then I’ll write the song around them. I’ll get a rough demo recorded with all the riffs, chords and vocal melodies to a basic beat. We’ll then all go into a rehearsal room and work more parts of the arrangement and getting a solid structure down.

What’s been your experience like so far of sexism in the music industry?
Luckily, I think we have avoided sexism at most of our shows. This is possibly because we often play with other female and mixed gendered bands, so most audiences and other bands on the bill are good to us. When we are the only female band on the line up we get comments made about us which just reflects people’s assumptions about female musicians. Sometimes we are approached after our set by people who seem so surprised that we are good at what we do. Sound engineers don’t expect us to play ‘properly’ or to know about our own gear…

  • People often think that someone else is booking for us and managing us when we’ve always done it ourselves.

Sometimes we enjoy proving people wrong!

What are your plans for the rest of 2016 and into 2017?
We are currently on tour, playing dates all across the UK. In between the shows we will be recording the next release ready to put out early next year.

What music have you been enjoying lately?
I’m currently checking out Jamie T’s new album, which is sounding pretty good so far. SlotfaceMartyrials and a band we met in Spain called The Strangers all get shout outs for featuring on my current playlist!

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