Today’s video of the day comes from Toronto indierock duo FXRRVST (pronounced ‘forest’). ‘The Story Doesn’t End at Chapter 14’ is the opening track from their forthcoming release Dear Friend Part 2, a follow up to (you guessed it) Dear Friend Part 1.

‘The Story Doesn’t End at Chapter 14’ is a song about letting someone know they have support when they need it, and that they aren’t alone. 

“We are so happy with how the video turned out. The one thing we really love is the message. We don’t want to spoil anything, but one thing people don’t realize is that it’s not one incident that ignites mental health issues. Sometimes it’s a bunch of little things that just poke you enough times to send you off the edge. But, with enough help and will, you can change your story for the better and make it to Chapter 15 and beyond”.

What thoroughly good eggs these FXRRUSTers are. What’s more, they tell us:

“We strive to be a charitable and environmentally conscious band, doing all we can to give back. All our merchandise (including our CDs) are ecofriendly and part of the cost goes to different local and international charities. Since day one, we’ve understood that if we ever became a successful band, it was because of others. So it’s only fair that we share our success with everyone and help those who really need it.”

Couldn’t love em any harder right now.

Content warning: self-harm, blades, themes of suicide.

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