The soundtrack to our Friday is the awesome new single from Bristol’s IDESTROY: ‘We Are Girls’, out today!

This is the title track from their long-awaited debut album, out next Friday – a record the trio are tantalisingly describing as “party-punk”.

The record tackles the theme at the very essence of what we do here at LOUD WOMEN – sticking two fingers and a plectrum up at the still prevalent misogynistic attitudes held by the patriarchal gatekeepers of punkrock music. Singer Jevons says it better:

“​‘We Are Girls’ distils all the preconceptions and patronising attitudes we’ve endured as a female band. Being told to smile, being called cranky, people’s surprise when they discover we can really play our instruments. We can be carrying our gear and still be mistaken for mates of the band. We’ve even been asked if we know how to use our own gear and equipment! It’s amazing that this stuff still goes on, but it does, and it makes me mad.”