Out now from Sydney’s Lola Scott: ‘4E Jobless’ – a stunning indiepop banger.

“This was the first time a had properly quit a job with notice & made the decision to go full-time focus into music. At the time, I was working for one of my best mates. I was so shit at my job and the only reason I didn’t get fired was that she was the manager. I’m a chronic daydreamer so I’d either be staring off into the distance mumbling lyrics or organising writing sessions (unless we were working together then we’d be having some tipsy banter). When I was writing this song I was joking about how I’d decided to retire this early in life and wondering how long it would be until I ran out of money & came back begging for my job. I’ve had plenty of people throughout my life ask when I was going to stop playing in a band and get a ‘real job’. My family were never those people but I was always encouraged to have a backup plan and had many people assume music was just a hobby. I’ve seen this same story play out with a lot of my musician friends & their families.”

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